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Franchising with Melt Down Grilled Cheese
What is the initial franchise fee?

The initial franchise fee is $25,000.00

What is the ongoing royalty fee?

The royalty fee is 5% of gross sales.

How do I select a location?

You will be provided assistance in site selection, including site selection guidelines and target demographic profiles. All sites must be submitted for approval. Our agreement protects you by giving you a protected territory.

How soon after being granted a franchise can I open?

Once 'Melt Down Grilled Cheese' approves your site and a lease has been signed, it will typically take about 4 months to construct and open your store.

How long does my franchise agreement last?

The franchise agreement lasts 10 years, after which you may renew for an additional 10 year period, subject to the then current franchise terms with a minimal renewal fee.

Do I need restaurant experience to own a 'Melt Down Grilled Cheese' franchise?

Restaurant experience is highly recommended, however, 'Melt Down Grilled Cheese' will provide every franchisee with comprehensive training programs to effectively manage their restaurant.

What does it cost to build and open a store?

The typical cost to open a store ranges from $141,400 to $453,900 depending on a variety of factors.

Grilled Cheese is for everyone! Its the world's most universally loved food combination.
Cheese + Buttered Bread + Heat = Perfection! In fact, if you find someone who says they don't love a toasty, gooey, cheesy sandwich from time to time, don't even bother telling us. We won't believe you.
Meltdown Grilled Cheese takes the basics of your favorite hot lunch & turns them up a notch. Substituting in gourmet cheeses, artisan breads & flavorful fresh ingredients makes for some truly spectacular sandwiches that are as comforting as your childhood favorite...just ALL GROWN UP.
Grilled cheese isn't just for rainy day lunches anymore.Try us when late night munchies strike, or when a quick & casual dinner is in order. A platter of grilled cheeses is also a welcome change during a midday business meeting or all-night study group.
Meltdowns are popping up all over! Our stores are clean, bright and friendly. The decor is as simple and unpretentious as the sandwiches...just the kind of place you want to be! Pop in to see us and tell us how we're doing!
We use real butter, Wisconsin Cheeses, fresh vegetables and our own taste buds to test and tweak every recipe over and over again until it is perfect. The resulting menu speaks for itself. Every variety of grilled cheese we make is a crowd favorite!
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